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Everyone in life passes through their own personal hell. I will join you in that dark abyss and we will walk out of it together. I will not lie to you. There is no easy way out of a problem. Your therapy experience will be one of the hardest things you will ever go through.  It can also be the most rewarding.  I cannot guarantee that the problem will disappear, but that does not disqualify success. Peace is not always the absence of problems.

You are the change agent. You have the power, in whatever situation you are in, to change yourself. You can change the way your environment has impacted you. You can learn to manage emotional ailments.  Who you are is always changing and you have the power to mold the change.

It is difficult living with others whose decisions impact your emotional health. You have no power to make decisions for others, but who you allow yourself to be can change every point of interaction that you have with them. It is these small changes that bring about relational easement.



We are a small family owned and operated mental health clinic. We are not one of the "perfect people." We are also working to overcome our shortcomings. We are not judgmental. We seek to help you feel comfortable.We have children too! We will not move at a stagnant pace in therapy so we can continuously claim your insurance money. We will work with you in reaching your goal as quickly and effectively as possible. We consider it an honor to join you on your journey toward cohesiveness and peace. 

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The standard fee for therapy is $85 per session
The standard fee for testing is $100 per hour + $100 for report

When you are ready to make an appointment, you can:

1. Call us at 479-561-0174

2. Schedule your own date and time at this link:Patient Portal

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