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She was in therapy with another counselor for 2 years to try and manage stress induced migraines. With Dr. Johnson, the migraines went away in 2 weeks. 
They had been in marriage counseling with another counselor for 10 years. After working with Dr. Johnson for 1 year, the affairs, anger, addiction, gambling, threats, and yelling ended. 
The school was calling daily. He was constantly getting sent home. He was fighting with brothers every day. He was screaming at  everyone. He was in school based counseling for 5 years and nothing changed. After 6 months of working with Dr. Johnson, he is as calm as any other kid.
She was leaving her husband and having affairs off and on again for years. After 6 months of marriage counseling, the fighting, arguing, affairs, debt spending, and laziness stopped.
He had Tourette syndrome for years. He was getting teased in school and then taking his frustration out on family at home. After working with Dr. Johnson for a week, his Tourette symptoms stopped. 
Her husband wasn't interested in going to marriage counseling, but something had to change. She was felt like she was in her own personal hell. After 5 sessions, she had hope. She felt lighter. She had a game plan. She was making changes. The changes she made, started changing the relationship. 
He suffered from daily panic attacks to the point that he was debilitated. After 6 sessions of therapy, the panic attacks were practically gone and he no longer feared them. 
She suffered from depression and frequently withdrew from everyone. After 7 sessions of therapy, she felt calm, happy, and confident that she can manage her emotions going forward. 

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

If you are Christian, Buddist, Muslim, Hindu, Bahai, Agnostic, Atheist, or "Whatever," we will respect your belief and work within the belief system that you're accustomed to. 



You are the change agent. You have the power, in whatever situation you are in, to change yourself. You can change the way your environment has impacted you. You can change emotional ailments.  Who you are is always changing and you have the power to mold the change.

It is difficult living with others whose decisions impact your emotional health. You have no power to make decisions for others, but who you allow yourself to be can change every point of interaction that you have with them. It is these changes that bring about relational easement.

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